Fireproof Safes: A Must-Have for Wildfire Season

In recent years, global climate change has led to increased risk of wildfires due to drought and high temperatures. Fires not only cause casualties and environmental damage, but also lead to long-term trauma and stress on people's mental health.

Dixie Fire: How to Prevent It

In July 2021, a massive wildfire in California, known as the Dixie Fire, destroyed more than 960 buildings, including the historic town of Greenville, and forced thousands of people to evacuate
1. The fire was caused by a tree falling on a power line from an old and poorly maintained electric company
2. Many residents lost their homes, belongings, and livelihoods. A fireproof safe could have protected some of their valuables, such as documents, photos, jewelry, and cash, from the flames and smoke.

Don't let wildfires take away your precious memories

These examples show that wildfires are a serious threat to people‘s lives and property in the United States, and that a fireproof safe is a valuable investment to protect one’s belongings from fire damage.

A fireproof safe can withstand high temperatures and prevent the contents from burning or melting. It can also keep the contents safe from dust and theft. A fireproof safe can give people peace of mind and help them recover faster after a fire.

Fireproof safe keeps you at ease

To prevent such disasters, we recommend purchasing a Kavey fireproof safe, which will keep you calm and at ease during a fire.

The Kavey fireproof safe is a professional fire protection product that has undergone 30 minutes of rigorous testing in the factory, and can protect your valuable items in the event of a fire.

  • Why is kavey safe fireproof?

    Kavey fireproof safe is made of new composite fireproof materials, which are lined with special fire-resistant materials, such as gypsum board and sealing strip.

  • Non-combustible and temperature control

    Non-combustible gypsum board has excellent fire resistance, and is a protective layer for safes, with excellent heat insulation and fire resistance.

  • Gap sealing and Fireproof strip

    Sealing strips are a type of new composite fireproof material that can expand and seal the gap between the door and the frame when exposed to high temperatures, preventing fire and smoke from entering the safe.

Kavey Fireproof Safe 30-Minute Fire Test

Fireproof Safe

Kavey 30 Minutes Fireproof Safe, Fireproof Safe Box for Home with Dual... 

Kavey is a brand that specializes in providing safe and durable safes for home and business use.

Kavey safes are made of solid cold rolled steel, which has excellent resistance to drilling, smashing, and high temperature.

Kavey's mission is to provide the best quality, value, and service to its customers. Kavey believes that everyone deserves to have peace of mind and confidence when it comes to their safety. Kavey is not just a product, but a key to your safety.